Hey Dude! How to Greet the Interviewers.

Published: 24th March 2010
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You are at a job interview, not hanging out in your friend's living room, so try to be mindful of the words that you use- try to remain mature and professional. Stand when the interviewer comes for you, but do not appear over eager. Take a breath or two to compose yourself. If you are a man being interviewed by a woman, wait for her to extend her hand for a handshake first, some women do not shake hands. ( Some men do not either, but for different reasons). Establish early eye contact, but don't go overboard and start staring. There is a line between good eye contact and uncomfortable staring, so be careful.

Follow the interviewer or her directions and then wait to be asked to sit down before you flop into a chair. (Do not flop into the chair.) Place your briefcase, if you brought one on the floor beside your chair and offer a polite smile. Make a generic observation to show that you are ready for the interview begin, sit up straight and try not to fidget. "Pretty picture." is perfectly acceptable, "okay, shoot" is not.

If there are more than one interviewer, and many companies do this, then make sure you greet each one as they are introduced. Repeating each name will show that you acknowledge them as an individual and that you are paying attention. Turn to look at each person as they speak to you, do not simply stare straight ahead or worse, at one person in the group. Be polite and remember the eye contact rule.

After each question is asked, do not rush to spill out an answer. Take a moment to mull over what you have just heard and to prepare what you will say. Being in a big rush could mean that you might misunderstand part or all of a question, therefore making your answers make little sense. Take a slow, deep breath and then give your reply, but do not take so long that it appears you are not keeping up. There is a fine line between careful consideration and being dull, so watch out.

If this is a first interview with the company, realize that this may be more important than a call back one will be. This is the interview that the company will use to form their first impression of you and your personality, so give them your very best. Jobs can be lost for good in the first interview, but if you make it through to a second, you increase your chances of being hired by quite a bit.

Finally, when the interview is over, stand and thank the interviewers. Again, look at each separately, and tell them that you look forward to hearing from them soon. If you shook hands at the start, offer your hand again, if not, then go ahead and gracefully make your exit.

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