What Do Soccer Uniforms Look Like?

Published: 15th February 2010
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Big or small, old or young, pro or amateur, soccer uniforms are almost all identical. The only major difference will be the flags sewn on the chest or the sleeves, the logos, and the sleeves. They really do not change that much, the way a soccer uniform looks makes the team an actual team. And it can make a five year old feel just like David Beckham, or Mia Hamm.

Soccer players do not wear anything on their heads. They do not wear helmets- possibly to aid in the spectacular head butt that they do. Player collisions are not as common as in other sports, and the helmet has so far not been ruled as necessary for the safety of the players on the field.

The jerseys that they wear are long sleeved and fairly form fitted to cut down on wind drag. I have seen some jerseys with collars, and some without, so that might be an individual team preference. The jersey is where the logo and country affiliation is usually found, and this is also where the team color is prominently displayed. The sleeve stops at the wrist, and there are occasionally gloves, but not always.

The shorts that they wear are usually black or white, and not as tight as the jersey top for comfort. They are long, hitting most players just above the knee in most cases. Socks are work almost to the knee as well. Footwear is cleats except for the most amateur clubs. The pros wear the cleats to keep them from falling on the turf as they make their quick, tight turns and nearly inhuman direction changes.

What do soccer uniforms look like in motion are more spectacular than what the definition would allow. That uniform in motion is poetry, a blurry piece of majestic art, the jersey standing out in stark relief to the field around it. The player moves, lithe and cat like, stalking the ball like a wound wildebeest, the crowd hushes- he pulls back his cleat clad foot, he shoots, he scores. Goal!

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