Why Soccer is My Favorite Sport ?

Published: 15th February 2010
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The crowds chant and sing. The teams race back and forth sometimes no where near the goal for much of the game. The referees chase after the players, just dying to toss a small square card at players for rule infractions. Why soccer is my favorite sport? Because it can be very, very exciting whether that is reflected in the scoreboard or not.

In America, soccer was looked upon as boring, but there was a surge in interest after "the sport bra" incident. (Not only did interest in soccer pick up, sport bra sales took a major upswing as well.) Interest waned again, but then the hope for MLS came in the form of David Beckham. The cool Brit was supposed to be the savior of the soccer league, not only here in the United States, but world wide as well. When is on the top of his game, he is one of the very best, but he does have some problems with frequent injuries.

One of my favorite aspects of the game is the fact that it does not matter who is playing, young, old, male or female- the fan support for the game that they are watching is the same. Soccer moms will shout their lungs out for a group of slew footed four year olds just as ardently as she would for the pros. The women's team has basically the same support that the men's teams do, which is sadly rare in the sport world.

The action is fast paced, and when there is a goal, it is almost a magical moment. If you are lucky enough to go to a game where there is an announcer, pay close attention to his emotion. That level of heart is not found in many other sports,( with the possible exception of hockey), and there knowledge of the intricacies of the game is nearly unmatched.

I love the crowd best of all though. It is the swelling throng of the fans that gets you. The bigger the crowd the more electrical energy crackles through it. You feel it at the start of the game and it builds right to the final whistle. They gasp, they sigh, they moan. You can feel them moving simultaneously to the edge of their seat when a team is close to the goal, and feel them sink back as one big bunch when the goal area is cleared. I get carried away, not even knowing exactly what I was looking at, but loving it all the same. It is the crowd that makes me happiest, it is them that makes soccer my favorite sport.

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